Learning and Language Specialists is a clinic specializing in neurocognitive diagnostics and treatments helping children, adolescents, and adults understand, interpret, and learn. For more than 30 years, we have helped individuals discover how they learn and develop the tools to become skilled learners. We apply advanced methods and cutting-edge services for learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, language and speech difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, and neuropsychological challenges resulting from accidents or neurological impairments.

Our hallmark service is cognitive neuropsychological assessment. This comprehensive evaluation provides a complete picture of each individual's skills and variations. Areas tested include intelligence, achievement, sensory functioning, learning efficiency, attention, memory, language, perceptual motor skills, vocational interests, and social skills/personality.

From the evaluation, our staff of doctoral and masters level psychologists, communication disorders specialists, and educators develops a profile and devises a plan for each client. Our multidisciplinary team integrates the latest knowledge and advances in cognitive psychology, special education, communication, and the neurosciences, carefully fitting all recommendations and strategies to each client's needs.
  • Learning Disabilities Evaluation
  • Cognitive Style Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Psychological Testing
  • Attention Deficit Disorder Evaluation
  • Psychoeducational Testing
  • Language and Speech Assessment
  • Vocational Screening
Learning/Academic Support and Psychological Services:
  • Memory and Cognitive Strategy Training
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Attention Deficit Monitoring
  • Organizational and Study Skills Coaching
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Occupational Accommodations
  • Test Preparation Counseling
  • Family Learning Guidance
Consultation and Training:
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • Continuous Educational Programs
  • School Conferences and Consultation
  • Vocational Accommodations
Attention Disorders Can Be Helped

Individuals with attentional disorders find it difficult to complete tasks or stay focused. They also contend with distractibility and impulsivity, finding goal setting, planning, and organization troublesome. It is not uncommon for them to process information less efficiently, express memory and concentration lapses, as well as struggle to solve problems or complete day-to-day tasks and assignments. Cognitive strategy training provides these individuals with a variety of tools and skills to break through these barriers and become more competent learners and efficient workers.
Strategies for Success - At home, in school, for life

After determining the client's unique learning strengths and weaknesses, we:
  • address specific problems and concerns through a goal-directed plan;
  • work one-on-one creafting strategies, teaching specific skills, supporting implementation and monitoring results;
  • devise strategies suitable for a variety of environments, including home, school, and workplace;
  • develop compensatory techniquest, modifications, and accommodations that promote success in school, work, and social settings;
  • engage parents, teachers, or co-workers in the training to ensure consistent use of the strategies.
By replacing skills for frustration, cognitive strategy training from Learning and Language Specialists helps overcome the nagging inadequacy and despair that haunts individuals with compromised attention and performance skills. It is a strategy for success.
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